Welp, it’s been over a year since I’ve posted anything. I figured I’d give a recap of this past year which has been one of the single most trying, and rewarding years of my life thus far. I’ve been pretty busy working full time at a screen printing company called Air Waves Inc., which has been truly phenomenal. Getting paid to design has been a great experience. I design for McCormick Farmall, International Harvester, and Case IH Agriculture. Some of my designs may be viewed at mycountrycasuals.com.

During the evenings I have been working on a few projects with my roommates, one of them being a card game called Kamakura. We spent roughly a year ironing out game play and art design. After starting a kickstarter and doubling our goal of $2,500, we were able to send our concept to print. It has been well received and we hope for it to continue to grow. We will be receiving the physical decks at the beginning of next month. You can learn more at dyadgames.com/kamakura. My roommate, Orie Rush, an extremely talented artist, did the artwork for the game, while I created the layout for the cards and the website. My other roomate, Alex Montgomery, another talented graphic designer and motion graphics artist, worked on the instructions, and how to play video which you can check out at dyadgames.com/kamakura.

Another ongoing project is our band “Oddepoxy”. We’ve been releasing free songs every so often and will be uploading our new site soon (hopefully within the next week), designed by yours truly. The new site will give an inside look into our writing process and how it can change from song to song. You’ll be able to listen layer by layer how our songs are built, and the strange sounds that often hide in the background. Our blog will display side by side our progress in both Art and Music, and how one influences the other. But for now it’s just a landing page at oddepoxy.com. Along with the new site we’ll also be releasing videos and we also have some merch in the works! The next few weeks have been set aside for writing and recording, so be on the look out. And remember, our music is free (pirate all you want)!

There is one other long term project in the works, but I’m not at liberty to speak of it just yet… “Teehee”.

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