First day of filming with my new Blackmagic Cinema Camera (EF). We went to the woods to film some stock footage and get a general feel for the camera but decided to throw a very simple story together. I found the woods to be a good place to practice follow focusing seeing as there are many branches to remind you if you are not in focus. At the end of the day I felt like I had a pretty good grasp on it. I had never had the equipment available to me before and I have to say it is incredibly useful. After reviewing the footage while playing with a Korg MS2000 to come up with a score, we decided to make a French influenced indie-esque film. Mind you neither of us are french, so we did the best we could to mimic Google translator. Shot, edited, and scored within 12 hours.

You can download the original 1080 file on Vimeo.

Shutter angle of 180 degrees
Canon 50mm f1.4

Pad created using a Korg MS2000
Vocals recorded with a Shure SM57 in Reaper editing software.
Vynil Sound effect can be found here…

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