Me and my friend Brice Wallace of Smitebros started making games together a couple years back starting with the game “Theft” for a Ludum Dare competition where you have to complete a game in 24 hours. I just recently started helping him out with his website and decided to throw together a logo and Illustrations of the whole team. Brice specified that he liked the color scheme of black and white for the site so I decided to run with that for the logo and continue that theme onto the about page with the black and white line art. I knew that I didn’t want to do a logo using a fist simply because I feel it’s overdone. Instead, I kept it simple with the “blocky” design while adding rocks at the bottom as if it wasn’t coming down in a crash landing. Only after I added the rocks did I remember that the slogan at the top right of the site was “games that rock”. The logo is still susceptible to change but it works for now. I might go back and beat up the logo a little bit.


smitebros logo

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